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Re: Theos-World K, Annie Besant and Closing of ES

May 11, 1999 06:28 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 08:12 AM 5/11/1999 EDT, wrote:
><<K and the history of TS are intertwined.>>
>But maybe it is time to unwind it, When I was at Krotona, one could not help 
>but get an undercurrent of betrayal as perceived by the Adyar
>regarding the Krishnamurti connection to theosophy. 

It is very interesting that you report your observation independently. I
was told of this by some other veterans as well. It appears this view
pervades even today.

What strikes me is the exact opposite you will find at Adyar and India.
While there may be exceptions, the intelligentsia there have always never
considered his leaving TS as any betrayal at all. Maybe it is due to the
warm relationship that existed between the TS Presidents and Krishnamurti.
What are the causes of this undercurrent in Krotona would be interesting to
find out.


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