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Theos-World K, Annie Besant and Closing of ES

May 08, 1999 03:25 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Thanks Martin. The points you made are timely and on target. However, since
you have referenced me in your msg, I think that further clarification is

Your wrote: 

	" We should stop  comparing Besant, Judge, Tingley , Crosbie, GDP, Radha,
	Algeo, Grace, Krishnamurti (this one is for Ramadoss who repeats every 6
	months the incident of K, and AB and the closing of the ES) etc, to each
	other , and focus on the WORK, in the Duty of making Theosophy
	available. And learn the synergy of the union instead of the detrimental
	vibrations of superiority."

The fact of the matter is that historical matters relating to TS cannot be
ignored. IMHO, anyone interested in Theosophy and TS should be aware of the
historical facts so that they are fully informed and such facts will be
helpful to keep the total picture in proper perspective and prevent one
from being misled from incomplete or inaccurate information that may be
available. This is especially true of newer recruits to theosophy and TS.

I think every one should be aware of the tremendous sacrifices made by well
known theosophical leaders  whether formal or informal, that should not
mean that one should ignore things they have done which may not have helped
theosophy or TS nor anyone should be immune from criticism. Humans being
imperfect, knowing the full picture helps while being very grateful for the
sacrifices they have made even in matters they were misguided or may have
harmed. I also do not know of a single person who has not recognized the
sacrifices made by the leaders past and present.

K and the history of TS are intertwined. Many, even long time theosophists
are not aware of the some of the facts surrounding some of the important
incidents that occurred. I did not become aware of the details until after
I was around TS over 35 years. I think that K's declaration of "Truth is a
Pathless Land" and his severing of all connections with all organizations
is the most significant event in the history of TS. It was then that the
downward slide of membership started and no one has been able to stop it
since then.  Closing of the ES by Annie Besant and its reopening is another
very significant event, even though "officially" ES has not connection with
TS. At that time Annie Besant had publically declared that almost all the
members of the General Council of TS are members of ES. So these facts are
important in my opinion and thanks to Internet we are able to make
theosophists and especially the newbees aware of them.

Influence of K on TS and its leadership did not disappear after his "Truth
is a Pathless Land" declaration and disbanding of Order of the Star of
East. CJ was known to have maintained his contact (When he returned to
India after WWII, there is a recorded incident of CJ personally visiting K
and delivering a bunch of Fiction Novels to K.) Sri Ram, the next
President, who was Annie Besant's private secretary, had known K for a long
time and I am sure he did maintain contact with him. In 1960s, when I
attended the TS International Convention in Adyar, K was also speaking at
his place each evening. The TS Convention schedule was arranged so that
there was no conflict with K's lecture schedule. All those attending the
convention showed up at K's lectures, this included Sri Ram. (It was at
that time that I had the first opportunity to hear K.) K's influence on TS
continued in an indirect way. He had known Radha Burnier since her
childhood. It is reported that after John Coats died and the International
President's election was called, and Rukmini Arundale ( the wife of George
Arundale and sister of Sri Ram) was planning run for the office, it was K
who convinced Radha Burnier to run for the office. She did run and win the
election. So in a way K's influence on TS continues to this day. So K
matters of the past, as historical facts are relevant even today, IMHO.
In view of the above, no one should be surprised if these historical
matters come up in the maillists from time to time. 


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