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Re: Theos-World On Buddhist charity

May 08, 1999 04:23 PM
by Lucio

>It is the age old tradition in India that the monks and poor people are
fed by
>everyone. In the India, it is the tradition to first give some food to a
monk or a
>poor person who "begs". Traditionally it is done before one takes his/her own
>lunch or dinner. Again when one becomes a monk or sanyasi, he/she irrevocably
>gives up everything and is willing to starve if no one feeds. Also it is not
>considered any demeaning to beg.

I understand your point,I was there too for a while.
You see DOSS.This is an iportant point in so called east west traditions In
the imediate after war period
I too was beging but for food .
The only difference being I thought it was demining.
And later still I considered that all humans on this 
earth should be given the opportunity to a fair share of the* COMON- -
WEALTH*Especialy if he is contributing
to it,Work involvment.Involvement in the works of man
here being his right, not a privilege.
You see unenployment is created deliberatly.there is no lack of work, for
the body mind and spirit.
In other word contribution and sharing is part of the
Famly of man.  A child should not be made to bag,because the grown up is to
ashamed to do that himself?   
 Moreover, at times of great moments when grave
>decisions are taken, it is not unusual for the rulers and modern day
>to seek counsel from the monks. The monks are the only ones who are in a
>to give an unbiased counsel in the best interests of everyone.
>I would also point out that all the greatest religious  reformers that the
>has produced are sanyasis or monks.
(A) ****************************************
Please do not take my coments as dough I want to score a point.  I consider
it a dialog.
You see the west has different values to the east 
that is all .They start from the sky. We start from the earth.
But old traditions are now changing very fast 
in both worlds, And i hope for the best.
>It is the typical western thinking to look upon them as beneficiaries who
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