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Re: Theos-World Ethics & Karma

Mar 20, 1999 11:52 PM
by LeonMaurer

In a message dated 3/18/99 6:45:29 PM,

>Even though karma can be considered a universal law
>in the sense that it applies throughout our universe, it
>does not account for all actions--acausal events do
>occur, call them chaos or God's Will or whatever. I like
>to think of these as part of our collective karma, which
>is causal in a collective but not a personal sense.

Would you please describe to us an "acausal" event that violates the laws of
karma (cycles and periodicity, action->reaction, cause->effect, etc.).  Are
you saying that a personal action can be non causal?  Are you also saying that
'God' (if there can be such a one outside of our manifest universe) is capable
of performing "willed" actions that can have no effect and therefore be
acausal?  What kind of God is that?  I thought that the teachings of HPB as
transmitted directly from the Masters, as well as all Buddhist teachings,
clearly denied all such possibilities.  Even the omniverse or Cosmos, in it's
first manifestation, has a causal entity described as "the eternal parent
wrapped in her ever invisible robes, etc."  Science has even shown that chaos
itself is only apparent, and cannot exists without an underlying fundamental
order.  Just because, with our limited faculties, we cannot describe the order
within apparent chaos doesn't mean it isn't there.  As WQJ said, "karma is
immutable."  In a so called chaotic system, the tiniest action, even though
unmeasurable, can effect the order and extent of the resultant effects.  Just
because we cannot measure such a tiny cause (as we cannot measure the thought
waves that trigger a physical action) doesn't mean that there is such a thing
as an "acausal action."  Psychological presumptions are no substitutes for
scientific reasoning.

It should also be pointed out that personal opinions do not constitute a basis
for truth and have no place in any theosophical discussion--which should be
devoted to explaining the consistent scientific laws of nature behind all the
Master's teachings, rather than trying to invent some new rationale that
better serves our individual wants and our rationalizations for our personal
actions and opinions.  


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