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Theos-World 1975

Mar 20, 1999 06:49 PM
by Richtay

In a message dated 3/20/99 11:29:22 PM, Tony wrote:

<<Please could you supply the reference to where HPB says this, as you have it
in quotes.  Would like to turn to it.  Thanks>>

Tony, HPB's statements are in her "Preliminary Memorandum" addressed to new
esoteric students.  The document can be found in Blavatsky's COLLECTED
WRITINGS vol. 12.  For conservative Theosophists who question the propriety of
such public reference, I call their attention to the letter of William Q.
Judge (1895) who released from secrecy all but a handful of E.S. teachings.

The quote you are looking for Tony is the following:

"Let every member know, moreover, that the time for such priceless acquisition
is limited; the writer of the present is old, her life is well-nigh worn out,
and she may be summoned "home" any day and almost any hour.  And if her place
is even filled up, perchance by another worthier and more learned than
herself, still THERE REMAIN BUT A FEW YEARS to the last hour of the
term--namely, till December the 31st, 1899.  Those who will not have profited
by the opportunity (given to the world in every last quarter of a century),
those who will not have reached a certain point of psychic and spiritual
development, or that point from which begins the cycle of Adeptship by that
day -- those will advance no further than the knowledge already acquired.  No
Master of Wisdom form the East will himself appear or send anyone to Europe or
America after than period, and the sluggards will have to renounce every
chance of advancement in their present incarnation--until the year 1975.  Such
is the law, for we are in KALI YUGA-- the Black Age-- and the restrictions in
this cycle, the first 5000 years of which will expire in 1897, are great and
almost insuperable."

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