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Theos-World TRY and DARE

Mar 20, 1999 11:23 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>>In a dozen places in her articles and letters HPB states that psychism is to
be eschewed by members of the TS-  The reason is plain.  The elemental and
astral world is full of unknown and undetectable (so far by us) pitfalls.
Even if we were to assume that Bulwer-Lytton.s A STRANGE STORY and ZANONI
are only partly true, there is enough there to be discouraging to those who
are cautious.<<
Please look over what you say above. Is this not exactly what
I said?  You are saying here that it is too dangerous to TRY
and DARE. If you really think that, then don't. I have TRYd and
I have DAREd and I also kept SILENT about it until finally I
reached a time in my life when I felt it more important to speak
out. Thus my books on Magic. I do not say that Theosophists
should TRY and DARE such things, but rather am pointing
out a rather significant difference between the TSs and
magical/occult groups.

>>And what is the person's motive to DARE and to TRY?  I don't have to stick
my head through the hole at the base of a guillotine to see if the knife
will fall or not.  If it is knowledge of those invisible planes, then there
is plenty of explanation and illustration of the literature of Theosophy,
starting with that wonderful encyclopedia: ISIS UNVEILED.  But with no
chart, or special viewing apparatus, why should I try to see if the "waters"
are either frigid or boiling ?>>
With your attitude, you will remain an observer. This is OK. 
And reading and study are just fine up to a point. But someday
the "waters" will have to be tried and the planes will have
to be dared. No hurry. I do think, though, that your posting here
exactly confirms what I said about TS conservatism, wherein
Peter accused me of making false assumptions. Not so false,
I think.
Jerry S.

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