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Re: Theos-World Karma

Mar 21, 1999 00:35 AM
by LeonMaurer

In a message dated 3/18/99 6:25:52 PM,

>>>I have to bring myself up to date on the discussions, I can see
> we saying here karma is strictly related to
>reincarnation..or karma is the law of action.. for every action there is
>an equal and opposite reaction?
>Action and reaction is a law of Mr. Newton and applies 
>only to physical objects. I equate karma with causation,
>which applies to all planes.

Right (in part).  Therefore, action, as "cause" on any plane, is always
followed by an equal and opposite reaction, as "effect."  

This is obvious, since action or karma in any field of energy--which includes
all planes from spirit, through mind, to matter--is governed by the laws of
cycles.  Since cyclic vibration is the fundamental nature of all energy
fields, any harmonious positive energy wave disturbed by an action of intent,
that by necessity is "causative," must lead to a counterwave (or "effect") of
equal and opposite (negative) energy.  Thus, karma, or action and reaction,
must function on all planes with equal consistency... Leading to the
conclusion that every cause has its corresponding effect no matter what plane
of action it originates on.  

We can further conclude, then, that a mental thought wave is subject to the
same karma (cause->effect, action->reaction) as an "action" wave on the
physical plane.  In the same light, reincarnation must also be governed by the
same laws of karma as any other causative action-reaction on any plane (that,
by necessity, must also reflect itself as corresponding forces throughout all
interpenetrating, "coadunate but not consubstantial" fields from spirit to
matter).  Such reflections of our personal actions originated on any plane or
field constitute the "skandas" that govern the attractive and repulsive forces
leading to our individualized reincarnation based on the accumulated effects
of all our past karma.  Incidentally, karma cannot be resolved or fulfilled
during any lifetime unless the circumstances are currently appropriate.  WQJ's
*Aphorisms on Karma* thoroughly covers these matters. 

As pointed out by HPB with respect to the second fundamental, the universe is
governed by the same scientifically consistent laws of cycles and periodicity
on all its evolutionary levels or phases--with no exception.  Because we
observe them from our illusory plane of material forces--"through a mirror
darkly," so to speak, and do not understand the intricacies of their multi
dimensional interfaces and coenergetic linkages--they only appear to be
different.  Unfortunately, physical science has not yet reached this level of
understanding... Mainly, because they cannot imagine those things they have no
instruments to measure.  And, how does one measure the frequency of the astral

Theosophists (and even scientists:-) may find it of interest to study and
visualize these coenergetic field interrelationships and conjunctions by
meditating on the symbolic cross-sectional "chakrafield"  diagram posted at: 
Hopefully, It should give us all a deeper understanding of the ubiquitousness
of karma and its interrelationships through all planes of action->reaction.

Best wishes,


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