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Theos-World Unacceptable behavior

Mar 17, 1999 01:50 PM
by Richtay


Your endless smarmy posts to the list about your research have grown tiresome
indeed.  This will be the last time I reply to anything on this topic, though
you will no doubt go blithely on your way until you have succeeded in
alienating the entire list.  That is certainly your right, and your loss.

What I have said about any private study group in Pasadena (if there were one)
holds true for ANY private or esoteric study anywhere.  Let us take an
imaginary esoteric group.  Let us say there are special claims made by or for
some of its members.  Let us say there are happy students and unhappy
students.  Let us say any number of things about it.  So what?  Of what
interest is this to anyone outside the circle?  How does these private affairs
become the business of anyone who has not chosen to become a member?

Do you, Mr. Green, as an academic researcher using Theosophical history as a
tool to complete your personal study at a university, feel in some way
entitled to the private information of others?  Do you think you have a right
to know how Pasadena or ULT or Wheaton or any other body of students makes its
private decisions, appoints its leaders, studies its sacred literature?  Do
you think you are owed an explanation for anything about which you have a

If you were a marriage counselor, or a researcher of family dynamics, do you
imagine you have a right to know the details of the private lives of people
who are not your clients?  Would you pry into the child-rearing techniques,
eating habits, sex lives, of perfect strangers?  

Now you wonder why some Theosophists have taken it upon themselves to
criticize other Theosophists, their organizations, their esoteric studies.
And you wonder how I would defend such criticism.  You should certainly feel
free to wonder as much as you like.  I don't see why you are owed a response,
nor why you should become aggressive and angry that Theosophists aren't
springing up to rush to your assistance.

I do not feel called upon to support or condemn the actions and/or
publications of U.L.T. associates like Mr. Crosbie, Mr. Garrigues, Mr. Geiger,
or other students living or dead.  Nor do I feel called upon to criticize
their opponents, who responded to such vituperation in kind.  (Surely, you've
examined various "sides" in the dispute over esoteric authority, etc., and
seen the "special claims" made by various persons on all sides.)  These were
all Theosophists (on all sides), who were engaged in defending what they
viewed as Theosophy, and they pursued this activity with spiritual motives and
high ideals, whatever the results.  Their interests were not purely historical
or intellectual, and *all* the disputants heaped contempt upon such worldly

So for now, Mr. Green, I will confine myself to criticizing *your* behavior,
and your use of this private discussion list.  You have begun with repeating
the criticisms of others toward HPB (like Bharati and others) and moved on to
"unveiling" the private conversations between William Q. Judge and HPB.
(Which were already known and publicized)  Ever more aggressively, you have
attempted to uncover esoteric studies, and to criticize events and people in
history.  In all, your commnications have been arrogant and accusatory, using
words like "high horse" and "soap box" as if list members have done something
wrong in refusing to aid your research, or in expressing the view that you
have no business invading the privacy of others.

You appear angry that you haven't made more progress in understanding U.L.T.
dynamics, despite my (at first) long and thoughtful replies to your inquiries.
But you are not interested in studying Theosophy as a body of teachings, nor
are you interested in an empathetic understanding of Theosophical history from
the point of view of an insider.  Rather, with harsh criticisms of your own,
directed toward Theosophists living and dead, you appear to demand what you
feel entitled to, namely access to the private spiritual aspirations and
associations of individuals.

I propose now that you are using this discussion list (created for the
supportive study of Theosophical teachings) in an abusive manner, attacking
individuals, demanding answers to your personal questions, and offering
nothing but scorn and skepticism for individual Theosophists, living and dead.
You have not asked permission of anyone to engage in your personal research
here, nor were you invited.  I don't see why anyone on the list should have
anything more to do with you.

I will be surprised if your unsympathetic and agressive manner nets you the
results of even the average anthropologist studying in a land without knowing
the language.  With your attitude, you will never penetrate the mysteries of
Theosophy, and you will always be an outsider looking in.  Though I wish you
well in your personal life, I protest against your personal use of this forum
for your invasive academic research.  Certainly I think you should be asked to
leave this list, but at the least I suspect you have lost the respect and
cooperation of most people here, including me.

Richard Taylor

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