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Re: RE: Theos-World Nirvana and appropriation

Mar 17, 1999 01:50 PM
by Richtay

In a message dated 3/17/99 2:22:25 PM, Peter wrote:

<<I don't seem to have your problem with this word 'merge', or even the notion

of 'merging into', 'attaining', or 'reaching' Nirvana.  In fact these

phrases are used over and over again in the Secret Doctrine and in the

Mahatma Letters when HPB and the Mahatmas refer to Nirvana.  >>

Fair enough Peter, and I think I was probably wrong to quibble over words.

HPB and the Mahatmas were forced to use words in English that would make sense
to Christianized ears.  I don't think we're in that position today.  Nirvana
is explained much better in original Buddhist texts. (Yes, I'm aware that
various reactionary Theosophical elements will now flame me for DARING to
criticize the English usage of HPB and her teachers.)

In any case, I think the essence of our little debate is that you are taking
the view of the individuality which is IN manifestation, "looking up" as it
were to its source.  I am taking the view of the Source, which is unperturbed
by the variegated Mayavic display of manifestation.  From this point of view,
however "high" Manasic development may be, it is still transient, mayavic, and
ultimately unreal.

I frankly admit that in my day to day life I hardly ever hold the perspective
of the Higher Self, but in meditation this is not so.  Little Rich Taylor and
his tiny little Manas is nothing in light of the unmanifest Atman, which is
indeed above Karma, beyond causation, never wrapped up in the body or the
concerns of the vehicles.  This is why quite frequently we will find HPB say
"ATMA IS NO PRINCIPLE" (but the word "Atma" is sometimes used as a blind for
the manvantaric vehicle some refer to as the Sutratma).  Atman is *not* among
the seven principles of the human constitution, and should *not* be treated as
something which exists, which can be attained, etc.  It is not an "individual"
per se, and I think it is perfectly fair to say that there is only ONE Atman,
however it may look and feel to us confused worldlings.


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