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Theos-World Sacrifice

Mar 17, 1999 09:21 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>This is just an idea to be applied to "forgiveness."  I think the
>best kind of forgiveness is to try to redress any wrong I have
>done to another, ..

Dallas, there is another law that we haven't mentioned lately--
the law of sacrifice. Life feeds on life. We all do "wrong"
every day in order to maintain our own lives, by eating the
bodies of other living things, whether animal or vegetable.
The American Indian used to say a prayer of gratitude to
God and one of forgiveness to each animal it had to kill.
Today many of us still say a prayer of blessing to God before
a meal, but how many ask forgiveness to those lives that
were lost in order to provide the food to be consumed?
Does a spinach have a right to life? As I have said before,
we are all victims in this world and it is absolutely impossible
to go through life without causing others pain and suffering.
All we can really do is to look within ourselves for both 
gratitude and forgiveness.

Jerry S. 

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