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Re: RE: Theos-World Forgiveness

Mar 17, 1999 03:24 AM
by Shersy17

In a message dated 3/16/99 9:49:53 PM, writes:


Dear Shersy:

<<To me one of the most interesting things that I picked up from

Theosophy is that I am not my feelings, or my mind, but that I am

able to look at both of those tools as part of my equipment to

<learn and to understand.

I think I am a sum total of all, my thoughts, feelings, body and
least I think that feels right to me  :-)

<<In doing this I saw that the two could be separated.  I can think

about my feelings and I can feel about my thoughts.  I think

everyone can do that also.

Well, I guess the feeling part would be our emotional body..the part that
reacts to our thoughts..

<If that is the case how do we go about disentangling the mixture.

Very often we make decisions without being entirely clear as to

the best reason for adopting one way or another.

Discernment, I guess, 

<To forgive is to refuse to carry grudge or malice.  It is not

easy, especially when we think we are wronged without good cause.

And sometimes, in a ark mood we employ our knowledge or

"position" to coerce others into doing what we want.

This coercion can be "good" or bad."

Yes, I would say we have free will to use our energies wisely, or unwisely.
Any thoughts that are not for the higher good of all concerned are unwise,

<<It is often asked, because there is a lot of argument, what is

the difference between good and bad, and how can anyone make a

clear distinction.

<I have noticed that Theosophy states that the whole Universe runs

by Law.  The same "law" applies to all and anyone.  It is not

legislated or "man-made" law that is meant.  Every great ancient

religion has adopted a rather simple criterion:  "Do to (or for)

others that which you expect to receive from them."

No exceptions, no favorites. So I adopted for myself the rather

simple formula:  "Good" is that which harmonizes with nature's

laws, and "Bad" is that that which breaks those laws.  I am aware

of the Voice of Conscience within, which warns me when I propose

doing something that might break those laws.  I try to use and

obey it.  I think everyone has heard those warnings in their own

way, from inside.

<This is just an idea to be applied to "forgiveness."  I think the

best kind of forgiveness is to try to redress any wrong I have

done to another, and also try and change the tendency in myself

to transgress.

<What do you think ?

Would you list the laws of the Universe for me?


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