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Theos-World Vs: theos-talk-digest V1 #770

Mar 17, 1999 02:54 AM
by mika perala

Jery wrote:
> According to some magical/occult schools, personal karma is consumed
> somewhere in the three higher planes. But collective karma is only
> eliminated outside our 7-plane solar system altogether. So, I would
> think that your statement really depends on exactly how we define karma
> and nirvana.
> Jerry S.

So Boddhisattva would wait and work for others until collective karma has been eliminated and those who have attained enlightenment (eliminated their personal karma) would just be blissed and enjoyed listening Nirvana until the others have crumbled their way and the collective karma is eliminated.Then everybody could go on to another whatever?

mika perala
lurk lurk

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