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Re: Theos-World Remission of Sins

Mar 15, 1999 04:54 PM
by Mark Kusek wrote:

> In a message dated 3/15/99 7:26:09 PM, Peter quotes the Key to
> Theosophy:
> <<"Atma, the "Higher Self," is neither your Spirit nor mine, but like
> sunlight
> shines on all. It is the universally diffused "divine principle," and
> is
> inseparable from its one and absolute Meta-Spirit, as the sunbeam is
> inseparable from sunlight.>>
> If the universal Atman is already present, how can any activity
> (karma)
> "reach" it?
> No amount of activity (karma) can diminish, add to, or alter the
> Absolute in
> any way.  So how could Nirvana be reached through activity?
> Rather, we must say with Blavatsky (and with Mahayana Buddhism) that
> the
> absolute consciousness has the appearance of being obscured due to
> accidental
> and defiling coverings (skandhas) or seeds (bijas).  Activity (karma)
> created
> these temporary obscurations, and activity can remove them.
> But it is quite misleading, even false, to speak of "achieving"
> Nirvana.
> There is nothing to achieve, nothing to attain, nothing to do, IN
> "It" is.  And "we" are THAT.
> Rich

Well said, Rich
-- Mark

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