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Re: Theos-World Forgiveness

Mar 15, 1999 04:33 PM
by Mark Kusek

W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:

> Gerry:
> To me your answer is even more puzzling.  Do you mean that the
> personal self forgives itself?  They why make errors to begin
> with ?

Yes. The personal self forgives itself and by doing so receives into its
members the substance and energy of mercy, compassion, etc, which is
from above. This acts to transmute (in an instant) the error and realign
the personal with the impersonal. We make errors by ignorance of true

> And how does "forgiving" in any way take the KARMA OF
> RESPONSIBILITY and of future suffering (atonement) either
> voluntary or forced by immutable Law, away ?  Further how does
> the offender take care of the offended ?  How is justice served
> in that regard?

The responsibility becomes the duty to performi a continual forgiving of
both the lower self and others. It may lessen, if not obliterate the
karmic impact and reorient the contrite self to a better position to
meet it's returning fate. It also forms a powerful link with spiritual
resources with which to deal with the sins of the past.

-- Mark

> ==================================
> We have to forgive ourselves. Forgiveness of others,
> coupled with self-forgiveness is essential to eliminate
> personal karma.
> Jerry S.

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