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Theos-World Remission of Sins

Mar 15, 1999 01:03 PM
by Richtay

In a message dated 3/15/99 7:26:09 PM, Peter quotes the Key to Theosophy:

<<"Atma, the "Higher Self," is neither your Spirit nor mine, but like sunlight
shines on all. It is the universally diffused "divine principle," and is
inseparable from its one and absolute Meta-Spirit, as the sunbeam is
inseparable from sunlight.>>

If the universal Atman is already present, how can any activity (karma)
"reach" it?

No amount of activity (karma) can diminish, add to, or alter the Absolute in
any way.  So how could Nirvana be reached through activity?

Rather, we must say with Blavatsky (and with Mahayana Buddhism) that the
absolute consciousness has the appearance of being obscured due to accidental
and defiling coverings (skandhas) or seeds (bijas).  Activity (karma) created
these temporary obscurations, and activity can remove them.  

But it is quite misleading, even false, to speak of "achieving" Nirvana.
There is nothing to achieve, nothing to attain, nothing to do, IN REALITY.
"It" is.  And "we" are THAT.


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