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Re: Re: Theos-World Re: Hassle on History

Mar 14, 1999 01:37 AM
by Richtay

In a message dated 3/14/99 4:55:54 AM, Daniel wrote:


What in your opinion was the purpose of the original esoteric section as
by Madame B.?>>

As explained by HPB herself, the Esoteric Section was for the "salvation of
the exoteric work."  By this I think she meant the demonstration of
brotherhood as a FACT IN NATURE, and the establishment of nuclei for human
unity.  I think the E.S. was a last-ditch attempt at true unity and
brotherhood, which the "outer" T.S. so sorely lacked.  With such unity, the
teachings could have been further amplified and spread before the close of the
cycle in 1897-98.

Whatever may have been the merits of the short-lived E.S., it is clear that it
also never reached critical mass, or it never would have broken up over the
Judge-Besant affair.  In fact, the Judge-Besant affair would not have been
possible had there been true unity and brotherliness.

I do *not* think the Esoteric Section was primarily for the private
instruction of the few in deeper mysteries, whatever esoteric papers may have
been given to them.  I think such instruction was merely to demonstrate more
clearly and deeply than hitherto possible the real nature of the inner being,
and the real FACT of the brotherhood of man.  By their seven-fold pledge, the
E.S. members committed themselves to being vessels of brotherhood and working
centers of unity.  They were meant to be models for the non-esoteric students
to follow.

This goes as well for the Inner Group of 6 men and 6 women in London.  It was
not for their personal benefit that they were "chosen," but for the
vitilization and centripetal cohesion of the whole.  Failing a real unified
center, Masters had and have no choice but to work through individuals, as
they did through HPB.


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