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Re: Theos-World Re: TO---Dallas TenBroeck SUBJECT---ULT'S ESOTERIC GROUP

Mar 11, 1999 05:57 AM
by Teos9

In a message dated 3/11/99 7:23:15 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Your replies contain the kind of mocking and
 taunting one normally finds in the school playground.>>

As does this endless back and forth between any number of people on these
lists. I do not mean any further injury with this observation. But, this
pervasive "I'm right You're wrong" underpinning does not do any one any good.
Please do not take offense Peter or David, I am simply using this specific
group of communications to point to a much more generalized observation of
past personality conflicts.

In my opinion, these lists contain the creme' de la creme' of modern day
Theosophists. There is no lack of power or focus to perceive the real value
underlying any Theosophical theme. So I would like to offer this possibility. 

Whenever our status quo appears challenged, let the investigator go where he
is going. Let us wait until he has concluded his findings. His real motives
and intents will be reflected therein, not in his investigatory personality.
If he has uncovered a thing of value, we are all benefited by it. If not, is
there anyone here who doubts the capacity of certain members to show the
investigator the error of his ways?

We get to the conclusions and their resolutions, when necessary, quicker, when
we do not complicate things by overstating the details of the journey.

I apologize in advance for any ruffled feathers. This is just one person's


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