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RE: Theos-World Re: TO---Dallas TenBroeck SUBJECT---ULT'S ESOTERIC GROUP

Mar 11, 1999 04:17 AM
by Peter Merriott

Dear David,

You write:
> Your post is 5 pages printed...

Actually it felt longer!.. though I guess that's partly because it included
a copy of a previous post,  and partly because it has taken some effort
before you were willing to share something of the background to your
investigations and posts.

I'm surprised at the indignation that accompanies your protestations and the
suggestion that you are being subjected to an "FBI check" or "litmus test".

The questions I have asked you (and those that MKR asked you in January)
have really been quite simple.  What is the basis for your research and how
will you use the information you are seeking?

Yes of course this involves asking you to clarify the motivation behind your
research.  Is that so strange given the allegations towards others you were
forwarding to this List?  The crux of your research involves investigating
the personal lives of others along with questioning their character, motives
and integrity.  Even your response to my first post was to question my
motives, was it not?  So why feel so affronted, David, when someone asks you
about your own?

Bear in mind that you can reply to anything that I, or others, may say about
you.  The people  whose lives you are investigating  (Judge, Crosbie and
presumably HPB will be drawn into it too) cannot challenge the allegations
made about them that you post to this group and which will appear in your
essays / web site.

You write:
> Regarding my supposed mockery of Tony, reread what I wrote to him twice.
> I was mocking his supposed superior insight & spiritual standing.  I
> asked him to get off his high horse & join us common mortals.

As you acknowledge, it isn't "supposed" mockery.  Yes, I have re-read all
four of your posts to Tony.  Your replies contain the kind of mocking and
taunting one normally finds in the school playground.  Any one here can
check for themselves whether your replies were warranted - the dates are in
my previous post to you.   They left me feeling very concerned as to how you
would use the information gained from this group to portray other
theosophists in your research, especially those who might *in your eyes*
appear to claim some spiritual standing.

> I've studied theosophical teachings for several years.  I'm
> very interested in the teachings, but wondering if some of them can be
> validated.  Theosophy makes some big claims & I'm dubious of some of
> them.  But I'm open to new insights & willing to set aside doubts in
> order to learn.  I don't seek to denigrate theosophical leaders but
> reserve the right to question claims & statements by these leaders,
> especially when there are competing & conflicting claims by various
> leaders.

Like you I have also wondered whether some of the "big claims" of Theosophy
will be validated.  Perhaps you could share with us the sort of claims you
had in mind?  Then we could look at them together as a group.  I'm sure
many people here would be able to throw some light on them and suggest ways
of approaching these questions.   My own investigations into Theosophy have
led me to believe that the  'big claims' are based upon Fundamental Truths
which we can ascertain (to one degree or another) through the development of
our 'inner nature'.  Each of us has to do this verification for ourselves.
The claims of others, no matter how noble and spiritual, are no substitute
for our own efforts.

Its good to hear that you are not seeking to denigrate theosophical leaders.
To question claims, to keep an open mind, and to be willing to learn, is
about as much as one can ask of a student of theosophy and a genuine
researcher.  Though, as you would expect, I would suggest that to
investigate the Teachings rather than the personal lives of others is more
likely to throw light on its 'claims'.

Raking through controversies has a way of stirring up smouldering grievances
and ill will. History contains events but does it contain facts, as such?
Each person has her/his own set of interpretations about events which
masquerade as 'facts'.    Yet most of us are unaware of even the
psychological forces that infuence, unseen, our perceptions and behaviour .
How many are aware of the Occult and spiritual forces that operate 'unseen'
behind the appearance of things?  Mostly we judge by appearances alone and
miss the underlying causes.  So even our perception of events, prior to
interpretation, is very limited.  Hence the need to question and keep an
open mind, as you quite rightly say.

I bear you no ill will, David.  Since I have no affiliations with the
organisations and groups you are investigating (or any TS organisation) I
also have no vested interest in you either getting or not getting the
information you seek.  I do, however, feel a sense of loyalty to fellow
students of Theosophy especially to those courageous souls who helped bring
those teachings into the world and who have already suffered more than their
fair share of personal slander and abuse.

Best wishes


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