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RE: Theos-World Research and defense

Mar 11, 1999 05:40 AM
by Peter Merriott

Dear Rich,

I am looking forward to reading your first chapters when they appear on

You  write:

> Meanwhile, I have never said, nor do I believe, that
> academic-style research replaces legitimate spiritual work.
> I fully expect now that about 10 people will write how all
> of this is a distraction, a corruption, yadda yadda yadda.
> In fact, this kind of research is merely one part of the movement.  It's a
> part that I like, others may not, and that's fine.

I think you have made that very clear in previous posts and its worth
repeating. We have already had a long dialogue about this so we both know we
have different views.  Actually, I have mixed feelings.  One part of me
feels if academics can't be persuaded by the ideas and substance of the
doctrines then what difference will the 'officially correct' spellings and
dictionary definitions make?  Another part of me recognises that a part of
the work you are involved in will make it that much harder for such people
to dismiss HPB out of hand.  It certainly would be valuable if the teachings
of theosophy were accepted and included in the academic stream where they
might be made known to more students.  When I think of that it makes it seem
very worthwhile.

Also when I sense the passion in your words around this topic I inevitably
think if any one could make it worthwhile then you could.

Best wishes


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