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Theos-World TO---Dallas TenBroeck SUBJECT---ULT'S ESOTERIC GROUP

Mar 08, 1999 06:41 PM
by David Green

Mr Dallas TenBroeck---

I've been informed that you're a longtime associate of the United Lodge 
of Theosophists & have full access to the U.L.T.'s archives in Los 

Do you have personal knowledge of the ULT's Dzyan Esoteric Section?  
More to the point, are you a member of the U.L.T.'s Dzyan Esoteric 
Section?  Have you seen the portraits of Mrs Blavatsky's Masters in the 
Esoteric Room at Los Angeles U.L.T. headquarters?  By whose authority 
did the D.E.S. Secretary reissue Mrs Blavatsky's three Esoteric 
Instructions to certain U L T associates under a pledge of secrecy?  One 
well known U L T associate has personally emailed me that he knows about 
the existence of the Dzyan Esoteric Section. Also why do U.L.T. authors 
in THEOSOPHY magazine harshly criticize the esoteric claims & schools of 
other Theosophical groups?  Another U L T associate has informed me that 
you personally believe "Robert Crosbie preserved unbroken the link of 
the Second Section of the theosophical Movement from the passing of Mr. 
Judge in 1896, and in 1907. . . made that link once more Four Square 
amongst men."  I'm told that you've quoted this statement & have done a 
commentary on it.  Where did you write about this subject? Can I obtain 
a copy?  If this is true, what is your understanding of the 2nd Section 
& how did Mr Crosbie preserve this link from 1896 to 1907? What happened 
in 1907?  Do you agree with Wane Kell, a ULT historian, that Mr Crosbie 
was a "shepherd"?  Do you believe that Robert Crosbie carried on the 
work of the Esoteric Section as W Q Judge had previously done up to his 
death in 1896?

Asking honest & direct questions, I look forward to your replies.

David Green

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