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RE: Theos-World TO---Dallas TenBroeck SUBJECT---ULT'S ESOTERIC GROUP

Mar 09, 1999 09:26 AM
by Peter Merriott

> Asking honest & direct questions, I look forward to your replies.
> David Green


Your post to Dallas comes across like an interrogation.

On the theme of looking forward to replies.  I notice that you did not offer
any answer to the questions I asked of you in my posts:

 "Question for David Green" 24th February
 "Question for David Green" 25th February

24th Feb I wrote:
>The more I reflected on Jerry's and Rich's reply to your latest posts the
more I realised that almost all the posts you make to this group contain
reports of rumour and/or second hand slurs on people's character and
integrity......What is the basis of your research?
And how are you intending to use it?<

and again on the 25th Feb..

>So I am naturally wondering how you see the Teachings of Theosophy, its
students, Madame Blavatsky, Judge & so on, and how this will inform your
research.  Of course, you are entitled to whatever views you hold, and yes,
we do need to explore the facts (so called), and yes again, there is no
religion higher than truth.   It's the regular theme of aspersion and
mockery based on second hand reports that weave in and out of your posts
that I am querying.  Are there any examples of noble qualities, accounts of
honesty and integrity, validations of Theosophy, of HPB, Judge and others
that you are seeking to substantiate through your research?<

If you want to use the people in this group to gain information for your
research dissertation, isn't it reasonable for you to inform the group how
you are going to use that information?

For example, who you are doing it for  - book, college course or PhD?  What
is your particular interest in this theme of 'intrigue and casting doubt' on
theosophy and the integrity of its leaders?

Given the negative theme that runs through your posts, one of the things I
am wondering is - are you hoping to validate or denigrate theosophy and its
leaders through your research?



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