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Theos-World Robert Crosbie, E.S. etc.

Mar 08, 1999 06:07 PM
by David Green

>Dear -------,
>I appreciate your offer to assist on the topic.
>My motive is to look for the truth on this subject.  As I've written 
>previously, I've been researching the life of W Judge & especially the 
>controversy of 1894-1895.  My interest in the U.L.T. stems from their 
>defense of Judge in their two histories. In the U.L.T.'s 1925 work Mr 
>John Garrigues et al harshly criticize the claims of Mrs Annie Besant & 
>Mrs Katherine Tingley.  The U.L.T. authors criticize the legitimancy of 
>these women's Esoteric Schools.  My interest is to understand the 
>of the U.L.T. concerning Mr Robert Crosbie and the reason for the 
>existence of their Esoteric Group.
>I'll appreciate any information you can provide me.  It's my intention 
>to write an essay on this subject; the work is partially done.  Last 
>year Mr John Cooper was very kind to send me a bundle of documents on 
>the U.L.T.'s Dzyan Esoteric Section.
>Are you a member of the D.E.S.?  Have you seen the portraits of Mrs 
>Blavatsky's Masters in the Esoteric Room at Los Angeles U.L.T. 
>David Green

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