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Re: Theos-World RE: THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT 1975-1950

Mar 08, 1999 04:38 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

>May 5th 1999
>Dear Frank:
>I will be glad to send you the up-dated copy of this book.  It
>wen compared to the 1875-1925 issue summarizes the early portion.
>I need your address again please so I can mail it to you.

Done. Looking forward to the booklet with anticipated joy.


Dallas, I agree with all good you wrote about unaltered sources.

>Theosophical bodies. I think, however that the unaffiliated ULT
>Associates (see the ULT Declaration carefully) has one advantage
>and that it is he belongs to no particular tradition and yet
>respects them all for the good that they have done and their
>substantial contributions to the progress and dissemination of
>Theosophy.  The only gratitude that the ULT Associate has then,
>is to the ORIGINAL TEACHINGS, to HPB, and to the MASTERS.
>Of course, this is as I see it.
>Best wishes as always, and do send me your mailing address

When you write that the ULT follows no tradition, does this mean the ULT
offers/respects/studies/sells ALL lineages of the Theos. Movement? Does this
include, say, the teachings/interpretations of Swedenborg, Alice Bailey,
C.W. Leadbeater or Annie Besant or Soloviev? As I understand until now, the
ULT accepts (directly or indirectly - I want not to play on words) "only"
HPB and WQJ (and perhaps R. Crosbie) and envoys of the Masters. Please, is
that true or false?

Best wishes,

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