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Theos-World Re to Frank

Mar 06, 1999 02:50 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>>[Frank:]"The Eclectic Theosophist is dedicated to publishing essays, studies,
fiction and poetry from the Wisdom Religion that expresses the essential
underlying unity of life, including philosophy, science, ethics, myth,
sacred literature, and the world's religions. The "Blavatsky/Point Loma
Tradition" follows a qualitiative value sourced in the ancient "Perennial
Philosophy", reestablished in the West, by H.P. Blavatsky during the
Theosophic Renaissance of the latter part of the last century. Our purpose
is to serve as an open forum for the ablest exponents of Theosophic insight,
thought and practice from both the ancient world and current time.">>
By this very vague definition, all TSs would share the same "tradition."
I am certain that no two of us on the net would ever agree on what the hell
the "Perennial Philosophy" was, and so far we have never agreed on
just what Theosophy is either.  How can we ever expect an organization
to stick together through adversities when they can't even agree on
such a basic definition as what Theosophy is and what it teaches?
Does it have "core doctrines"? and if so, what are they?
Personally I subscribed to the Eclectic Theosophist for several years, and
finally gave it up. It had too many big words and meaningless phrases--
in short, a very high fog index, and I hate to wade through that kind of
stuff just to find out that what is realy being said could have been said
in a few simple words. The fact that it died shows that many others
felt the same way.  If we can't discuss Theosophy is pain simple
language, then we will never get anywhere.
Jerry S.

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