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Theos-World Will We Ever Stop Theosophical Slander

Mar 06, 1999 03:01 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>>Since the split of 1946 and 195, many Theosophists, among them Iverson and
Helen Harris, Elsie Benjamin, Helen Todd, Boris de Zirkoff, Geoffrey
Barborka, Gordon Plummer, W. Emmett Small continued to carry on the original
programme of the old New York/Point Loma T.S. and the works of HPB, Judge,
KT and GdeP. >>
The same could be said for Pasadena, Adyar, and any other TS.
They each think that they and they alone are "carrying on the
original programme." Maybe they are all run by human beings?
>The "Middle Way" of Point Loma (John Cooper) was not rubbed
out, as it was hoped by James Long. Although without official headquarters,
the Point Loma Lodges, Sections or groups continue up to the present their
peaceful work in many countries.>>
Your baises are showing here, Frank. Pointing nasty fingers as Long
will not get you anywhere at all with me.  Pouting and calling names
at dead people will only karmically effect yourself.

>>Jerry and others may smile and laugh, but they will never destroy the
Blavatsky/Point Loma Tradition. >>
No one that I know of is trying to destroy anything. The destruction
here is apparently in your own mind.
>> Historians of the future will recognize two
main persons in the T.S. which were the tools to disrupt and destroy the
work of HPB and the Masters, the one is Leadbeater, the other is Long.
This is not only bullshit, but slander. I really wish you would clean up your
writing, Frank, and try to act like a Theosophist.
>>The Adyar T.S. has worked up to a large extent the Leadbeater period, has
healing the wounds and returns to the original program. But the Pasadena
T.S. has not worked up until present ist own dark period. Perhaps it will be
done by Historians if they fear to do it for themselves. As long as they
have Long in their catalogues the wound is not healed.

You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, and now that we
all know what it is, it would be nice if you would get onto other
subjects.  Your subjective opinions are slanderous and do
not serve well for anyone who calls themselves a Theosophist.

Jerry S.

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