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Theos-World Re: theos-talk-digest V1 #748

Mar 06, 1999 02:41 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>That would be a strange contradiction, as you showed yourself as a
>non-believer in esotericism

This is a leap of faith that has no basis in truth at all.

>(for example you described in a former email
>GdeP as a "racist", of course not giving any reason,

I never said that he was racist. Never. What I did say is
that some of his writings appear as racist to us today. That
is, I think, a very big difference.  Let me give you just
one example--he claimed that the Negro race is young,
much younger than the White race. Thus Black people
are immature and just need us White people to serve as
their big brother, etc.  This kind of stuff may have gone
over well in his day (30s and 40s) but would be considered
racist today.

>or in another email you
>declared there is no esoteriscm to be found in the writing of Judge.

Duh!!!  Let me go even further, Frank. There is no esotericism
is any one's writing, because when it is put into words it becomes
exoteric.  HPB's writings are all exoteric too.

>I just quote a little notice from eye-witness W. Emmett Small about Judith
>Tyberg, the Sanskrit teacher at Point Loma (and the only personal pupil in
>Sankrit of Dr. de Purucker):

Small's version of history is different than Pasadena's version.
I think that this says it all. Arguing over what may have happened
in the past based on one side is a waste of everyone's time.

>"When the Point Loma Headquarters, on account of World War II, moved to
>Covina, California, some twenty-five miles inland from Los Angeles, she
>continued to teach there; but in 1946, * because of serious internal
>esoteric troubles*, she left the T.S. headquarters."
>- -Quoted from: G. de Purucker: In the Temple, PLP 1994, p. xv.

"Serious internal (and what the hell would external esoteric  mean??)
esoteric troubles" can be interpreted as "personality conflicts."

>There is much esoteric to be found in outer organization, if one is open
>enough to see it. If this one is not open, you can tell it to him a
>times, and he will laugh and not find it. That's why esoteric is called

This is where we will simply have to disagree. Maybe we interpret
the word differently?  Any human organization is exoteric. G de P
wrote that the Brotherhood of Compassion was an esoteric
organization, and that all anyone needed to do to join it was to
have compassion for others.  But it has no buildings, no Leaders,
no rituals, etc. The ES is a human organization, and is purely
exoteric as I understand the meaning of the word.

Jerry S.

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