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Theos-World Re: PRACTICAL OCCULTISM said to be by HPB

Mar 06, 1999 12:06 PM
by Peter Merriott

Dear Dallas,

You wrote:
> In fact today you can but a copy of PRACTICAL
> OCCULTISM said to be by HPB and which I found was done by a
> mosaic of authors, all heavily edited, and some articles were by
> orthodox Brahmins and professed credal methods and rites, which
> HPB never endorsed.  I an send you if you are interested my
> findings on this.  I wrote Adyar TPH and protested, and head
> nothing, nor has the book been withdrawn.

Are any of these articles in the Collected Writings?  Would you mind sending
me your findings - providing that doesn't create any 'new' work for you.

Best wishes


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