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Re: Re: Relationships & Karma

Oct 27, 1998 06:15 PM
by Alan Wilkinson

*** Please be warned: I wouldn't dare take it upon myself to instruct anyone
of this group as I am certainly the one with the least amount of knowledge.
I am just sharing what I have learnt through the past 13 years of learning
in 'other' systems ***

(Clippings taken from 2 sources)

    >I love to read about theosophical concepts, but maybe trying
    >to work out in this kind of relationship requires one to really put
    >theosophy into practice? Hmm, it is hard enough just to *explain*
    >about theosophy ;-)

In my view, being a "Theosophist" or "Occultist" or, for that matter, a
"Christian", is one of life and experience. And to be involved in another
persons life (I.e. relationship) is another manifestation of that life a
'spiritual' person entered into. So many people who lay claim to being
'spiritual' using any of the above mediums have an outer show of knowledge
and piety, but the inner man goes hungry - because the 'spiritual' became a
'law', and the doctrines tickled their flesh. The true believers are few in
number. To find a knowledgeable person is easy - to find a dedicated spirit
is hard.

We need, as Theosophists, to once and for all place the 'spiritual' above
the 'material' and start living the Truth we have/are learning. Was it Sai
Baba who said that book knowledge was the lowest kind of knowledge?

    >>Looking back on it now, I should have gotten an
    >>astrological comparison chart which would have
    >>given me warning signs.  But actually I had negative
    >>indicators about her already before the marriage
    >>but I went ahead and tied the knot anyway
    >>which means these experiences are all
    >>KARMIC.  There was a certain compulsion about
    >> it all...nothing based on reasoned thought.

I think that our Higher Self sends important messages to us through people
and dreams. Sometimes these messages come because we choose against what we
*know* to be right - we prefer to close our eyes and heart to the 'real'

    >But then what is co-incidence

Because a path seems right doesn't make it the correct one (e.g. the karmic
one) to take. Remember Jonah & the Whale. He ran from the command of his God
(karma?), and straight into a boat leading the opposite direction from his
True Will. Who planted the boat? Was it his 'karma' for the boat to be there
at precisely the right time? We already know what his karma was - but his
lower desires (+ free will) carved out for him and provided him with an

The pupils of the A.A. are instructed to write a full account of their
personal history, even going back to several generations. This practice
gives the student a good grasp of their Karmic record: what lead them up to
THIS moment in time, and what their future karma might bring. Thus they have
some knowledge of the most appropriate course of action in a given
situation. Maybe this would be good for us, too.

    >For me, theosophy has already formed an undeniable part of my life.
    >She recognizes that now, and wants to learn more about it
    >because of that. I wonder if this is the right kind of motivation,
    >even if love is the big factor here.

Before I married, my life was fully dedicated to the occult and my partner
hated it. When I told her that my spiritual life came before our
relationship, she changed into an occultist, thus thinking she would also
take first place with the occult. I thought this was a 'sign' and married
her! On DAY TWO of the marriage she told how she conned me into marriage by
simulating a 'spiritual interest and life'. I have been paying for this
mistake for over 5 years.

I think I'm saying: Learn, Listen, and most importantly, Do.  Dont play the
fool because of blindness; neither except something as "It's my karma"
because a way is opened and everything seems right.

The Mystic St.Paul said, "I would not have you ignorant, brethren, about the
Day of the Lord." Surely it could be re-worded (without twisting it).....

"Brothers, be not ignorant about YOUR day of KARMA"

With many blessings and Love


P.S. I am not angry or bare any grudges against my wife for myself being in
a bad marriage. She is only receiving what is karmically due to her - and I
am giving what I owe. I wish her all the best in this life and the next.

Being in a bad marriage has taught me many, many things I would never have
experimentally understood without it.

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