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Re: Re: Single vs Married life

Oct 26, 1998 08:39 PM
by Alan Wilkinson

Marriage as well as everything else in life is an ideal testing time. A
Christian Mystic once said that once you start on the Spiritual Path,
obsticles and averse circumstances from family and friends are the first to
cause your downfall. I believe that happened to Pilgrim from the Pilgrims
Progress when he first became aware of a 'better life'.

The point I don't understand is that after five years of marriage, not once
has there been a good day. I give all that I've got and am to my family only
to be returned with nothing. We have nothing in common, we hardly
communicate (when we do it's only a monolgue).

I don't know much, but is this a result of previous karma and will it ever

In my personal view, I have to agree with Osho (Zen teaher), that "Marriage
is built on the grave-stone of love," and, "Marriage is an outdated
institution which only causes war, missery and prostitution." (My

I'm sorry if I seem a bit strong, but it is *this* situation coupled with
personal experience which gets me so annoyed.

In the immortal words of St. Paul, "How can two be joined together if they
are not agreed?" (Not exact quote).

Any comments/help/advice?


> From "M K Ramadoss" <>
> Date: 27 October 1998 03:56
> Subject: Re: Single vs Married life

>While I agree with your line of thought, being not married has its own
>freedom and flexibility. Even with that, one can find opportunities to
>sacrifice and help and thus grow. Grass is greener on the other side. Each
>situation has its own advantages and perhaps disadvantages. May be trying
>to make the best of the situation is a wise course of action.
>>At 10:05 AM 10/26/1998 EST, you wrote:
>>In a message dated 10/24/98 11:32:42 AM Eastern Standard Time,
>> writes:
>><<when living with 2 children and a wife (who share not
>>the principles of Theosophy and seek and delight
>>themselves in worldly affairs), presents huge difficulties
>>to the fulfillment of the required disciplines presented.  >>
>><< Is it true that circumstances which are opposite to what we would
>>wish are  merely illusions (Maya) distorted and disfigured by our
>>sense of dualities? >>
>>Dear Alan:
>>Married life is the great testing ground and may provide
>>more soul growth opportunities than if one were living a
>>single life.  In marriage, one often has to sacrifice
>>personal wants and desires for the greater welfare of the
>>family.  Compromise and the development of the aware-
>>ness of the needs of others are the some of "lessons"
>>and opportunities presented in marriage.
>>I'm single and I have a tendency to be self-indulgent.
>>This is not good !
>>The exposure of your wife and children to some of
>>the metaphysical truths of your theosophical beliefs
>>are seeds which will eventually take root - if not in
>>this life, then in another.  This is a wonderful karmic
>>opportunity for all.
>>Best Wishes,

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