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mailing list access to theos-talk

Oct 27, 1998 09:24 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

Lorraine and other subscribers:

Theos-talk is hosted on an website. The website
provides mailboxes, but is not an internet access
provider. (That is, one never connects to the
internet using them.) Outgoing email requires an
userid and password, but the internet address that
one is sending the email from is not validated.

Because of this, certain anti-spam email blockers
may reject email from theos-talk. One such blocker,
at, seems to be
active with, and for a couple of weeks
now all email going to henningc@cadvision, one
theos-talk subscriber, is being consistently bounced.

Because this is built into's email
service, it's not possible to send email to that
site from THEOSOPHY WORLD or theos-talk.

I'm not sure if it will be possible to fix the
email at the website hosting theos-talk, but in
the meantime, the only option is to subscribe to
the list using some online mailbox provider, like

-- Eldon

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