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Re: Reincarnation Problem

Oct 22, 1998 05:12 PM
by Alan Wilkinson

Thanks Dallas and everyone who helped and sent info about my question on
reincarnation. As I'm new to Theosophy I have a lot of reading, studying and
learning to do, it's really encouraging to know that friendly, helpful and
cleaver/wise people like you are only a 'send' button away.

Unfortunately, Dallas, I think I live to far away to make it practical to
send me the info you offered.  I come from the UK.  Thanks anyway.

Again, thanks.


> From: "Dallas TenBroeck" <>
> Date: 22 October 1998 23:59
> Subject: Re: Reincarnation Problem

>Oct 22nd 1998
>Dear Alan:
>In regard to the average cycle between lives being between 1500
>and 2000 years, this is only an average.  Theosophical doctrine
>speaks of periods that vary between a few month or years to up to
>10,000 years or more - depending on the nature of the moral
>quality of the life that has just terminated.
>There are many exceptions owing to the difference of individual
>The after-death states of Kama-loka and Devachan depend for
>length on the variety, quantity and quality of our earth life's
>thoughts feelings and aspirations.
>It might also be well to remember that the Spirit-Soul in each
>human is an ETERNAL BEING.  Hence, time which for us is so heavy
>is not so important a consideration for it in its evolution.  One
>might say, with humor, that as we are today, each of us, half of
>"Eternity" has elapsed and we are faced now with the second half.
>If you have a copy of HPB's THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY and use the
>INDEX at the rear of the book
>You will find that she explains why there are these variants.
>Length of stay in Devachan see pp. 138-145
>Length of stay in Kama-loka see pp. 143-145, 127-9, 172-175
>Some important variants that affect the length of stay between
>lives are death by accident, murder, suicide, and the death of
>children in infancy below the age of 10 usually.
>If you desire further data I can send you a series of quotations
>culled from various Theosophical sources that give the doctrines
>in a more discursive manner, but I would have to send them by
>mail to your address.
>Best wishes,

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