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Re: Reincarnation Problem

Oct 20, 1998 07:02 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>Hi Everyone.  I hope someone out there can help with a small question
>regarding Reincarnation.  I read somewhere (I think in a W.Judge article)
>that the period of rest between reincarnations is about 1500 to 2000 years.
>If I understood that correctly, then how does it fit in with the teaching
>the A.A and O.T.O. that state one can take a vow to 'return' in 3 months?

G de Purucker defies this by saying a general rule is 100 years in the
devachan for every one year of life. Since the average life of a human
being on Earth is about 15 years, the average devachan is about
1500 years.  Personally, I would take all of this as a very sketchy
rule because individual karma prevails--I look at it in the same way
that I look at the Tibetan teaching of 49 days of bardo (i.e., its all

>The main puzzle is what happens if one does return after 3 months (because
>of the vow) and the other people who you have formed contact with (and
>karmic ties) return after 1500-2000 years?

We probably have karmic ties with enough people to allow incarnation
at any time. Tibetan lamas and especially bodhisattvas return very soon.

Jerry S.

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