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Re: Reincarnation Problem

Oct 22, 1998 01:33 PM
by Ray Tomes

<> wrote:

>Hi Everyone.  I hope someone out there can help with a small question
>regarding Reincarnation.  I read somewhere (I think in a W.Judge article)
>that the period of rest between reincarnations is about 1500 to 2000 years.
>If I understood that correctly, then how does it fit in with the teaching of
>the A.A and O.T.O. that state one can take a vow to 'return' in 3 months?

>The main puzzle is what happens if one does return after 3 months (because
>of the vow) and the other people who you have formed contact with (and maybe
>karmic ties) return after 1500-2000 years?

Hi Alan.  I have no personal experience of this, so all this is based
on others ideas.  I recently read that the average period is about 100
years for every year of life and that the 1500 years is based on the
average human living only 15 years.  Therefore a person living 75 years
might expect a 7500 year holiday.  However this is very rough, and
generally lower types are supposed to come back sooner and higher types
later.  However highly developed types such as the Dalai Llama and Sai
Baba apparently come back very soon through choice as you indicate is

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