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And your name is?

Jun 29, 1998 10:32 PM
by Kym Smith

Rudolfo wrote:

>Thank you Dallas for this post. It is time we call dogmatic religion by its
>real name.

And just what might that "name" be?

>Just because all beliefs are welcome in the Theosophical Society
>doesn't mean that we have to accept them at face value, just as if they all
>were true.

To ask a person to accept much of anything at face value is to assume that
person is in possession of a brain made of tiny, pickled things.  HPB knew
that wouldn't fly.  However, one has to determine at what point they are
objectively exploring a religion, or dismissing it - in fluffy, puffy words
- as inferior to their own.

>There are no beliefs that are true.

This is an interesting frame of mind.  So, do you agree that Theosophy is a
belief and, therefore, not true?  HPB believed she was speaking with
"Masters" - is her belief false?

>For any of us to be able to
>perceive truth we have to see the whole picture, with all the
>ramifications, and all the sides of the story.

That is physically and mentally impossible for any human to do.  What do we
do instead, then?

>"THERE IS NO RELIGION HIGHER THAN TRUTH", that should be the motto to every
>It is the motto to me.

Every theosophist?  My, my - I doubt all theosophists are that compliant -
some may prefer to build a bigger and better igloo.  But, even before one
can adopt the preferred motto noted above - don't we have to agree on what
Truth is?

>And I'm just a member at large.

Ah, memories. . ..


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