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Re: Re: Some intersting quotaions from Originaltheosophical sources

Jun 30, 1998 05:32 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 30th 1998

Dear Rodolfo :

Of course it depends entirely on who does the interpreting.  But,
essentially we do it each for ourselves.  We do not entirely
every rely on what others decide is best for us.  Not all men are
"sheep."  there are a few "goats" who insist on "thinking for

We are independent mind-beings and our growth is through the use
of the selective faculty of ethical choice.   The limits and
place of ethical choosing is all around us in our life. Wisdom
comes through our interdependence with others and our treating
them as our brothers.  So really we are dependent/interdependent
all the time.

That is how I see it.  Dallas

> Date: Monday, June 29, 1998 7:17 PM
> From: "Rodolfo Don" <>
> Subject: Re: Re: Some intersting quotaions from Originaltheosophical sources

>>W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes
>>>June 29th
>>>Dallas offers a few more quotes for consideration:
>>>>From HPB on the T S :
>>>"...the Theosophical Society...It is a brotherhood of
>>>established to make away with all and every dogmatic religion
>>>founded on dead-letter interpretation, and to teach people and
>>>every member to believe but in one impersonal God;  to rely
>>>his (man's) own powers;  to consider himself his only saviour;
>>>to learn the infinitude of the occult psychological powers
>>>within his own physical man;  to develop these powers;  and to
>>>give him the assurance of the immortality of his divine spirit
>>>and the survival of his soul;
>>That may have been her intention. It hasn't happened, and HPB
>>has become a source of dead-letter interpretation.
>It depends on who does the interpretation.

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