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Re: Re: Olcott

Jun 27, 1998 02:03 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 01:46 PM 6/27/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>M K Ramadoss wrote:
>> Hope this helps.
>> Peace
>Yes, Doss it does help, both in understanding the history of the
>movement and why I (the equivalent of "joe-six-pack") had so much
>difficulty with it initially.

Dear Annette: I am fortunate to share my reading of the historical matters.
>As for the future ...... At present I am still stuck seeing separate
>groups within and without who are all stuck believing that they have the
>word brought to them by their equivalent of the masters and my intuition
>is that an archiving, as interesting historical interpretation and
>inspiration when the going gets tough, of all past words, providing a
>feedom for individual effort for reconnection with the original
>god/energy, will manifest the future of the race.
It is the same old problem that all of us face. While manythings written
are very convincing, we need to keep in mind that the writer is just
writing about real things the writer may have personally experienced. The
reality cannot be put down even in 10,000 words and unless and until were
go beyond the words and understand the real facts first hand, it is just
belief. I guess when we have first hand knowledge, we will be able
appreciate how limited any description can be. So we are both thinking on
the same lines.

>I suppose what I am saying is that I can be told that there's a divine
>plan, I can be shown how evolution supports it, and I can be made aware
>even of the future of my people, but unless I build up my own philosophy
>and go where it takes me, all is an illusion.

Sure, you are 100% right. Parroting anything is just second hand and makes
us second hand person. This is an issue that Krishnaji has tried to
repeatedly emphasize and understand our own illusion.

>Thanks for your time

It is my pleasure. BTW, are there any other old msgs that I have not
responded? If so it is just an oversight and not intentional. Please e-mail
me privately and I will respond here.


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