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Re: Re: Olcott

Jun 27, 1998 07:34 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:58 PM 6/26/1998 -0400, Annette wrote:
>M K Ramadoss wrote:
>Hi Doss:
>If I am to finish this thread by understanding the lesson, I need to
>know a couple of things here.  Would you care to answer...
>> I think that the major turning point came when he had a visit from one of
>> the Adepts and was told what his opportunities and "rewards" were. It is
>> not easy for most to give up almost everything and embark to a country he
>> knew nothing of and a cause which is usually referred to as a "forlorn"
>In what way did the Adept appear and tell him?

One day when Olcott and HPB were living in NY, the adept known as Master
Morya suddenly materialized and talked to Olcott explaining the task of
establishing TS around the world. BTW, as the Adept was leaving, Olcott
wondered whether he was dreaming and the Adept read his thought and took
off his silk head dress (turban) and left it as a momento. This is now in
Adyar Museum.

>What do you mean by "opportunities and rewards"?

Though we do not have any specifics, we know that he was told that the he
and HPB would be totally responsible for spreading Theosophy/theosophy and
they were told what not to do. Also he was told that the Adepts would not
get directly active. The opportunity was the immense good theosophy can do
to a lot people around the world and if the project is successful, *all*
the credit would go to Olcott and HPB.

>Am I to make the inference that an Adept told him that he was being
>duped and wasting his time "following HPB"?

No. Adept just laid before him the wonderful and difficult opportunity of
spreading theosophy around the world.

>Does this mean that Adepts can have differing opinions and "side with"
>individual members in a cause, hence promoting dissention?
As far as I have read, they don't side with anyone. They are on the side of
what will be the best for the welfare of everyone. The dissentions are
brought about by individuals.

>Finally, I am not being flippant when I say, IMHO there's nothing easier
>in life than "giving up everything and taking on a forlorn hope
>challenge" when current life brings little peace or satisfaction.  What
>appears to be "everything" is infact "nothing to lose". :)

I am not so sure. Especially when one has duties and responsibilities to
fulfil. In his case Olcott had his ex-wife and children and when he did
leave US, I think he made some arrangement to take care of them and acted

Hope this helps.



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