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Re: Olcott

Jun 26, 1998 07:05 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:34 AM 6/26/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>Although there is no evidence of any sexual relationship between
>Olcott and HPB, I think the parallel is an interesting one.
>Since you brought it up, Annette, I will add that the standard
>view in non-Adyar Theosophical groups, and increasingly within
>the Adyar TS, is that Olcott "disappointed" HPB.

It is rather unfortunate. Here is a man who gave the prime of his life to
work for the Cause. He may have made mistakes. Who has not. He embarked to
India totally not knowing what the conditions were those days when travel,
food and accommodation is so much of hardship. His achievement in
establishing branches far and wide is legendary.

> No one seems to
>give a moment's thought to how she might have disappointed him.
>She certainly seduced him mentally and spiritually, although not
>physically.  Set out to charm him and get him involved in her
>cause, induced him to turn his life upside down to serve her
>purposes (and/or her Masters.)

I think that the major turning point came when he had a visit from one of
the Adepts and was told what his opportunities and "rewards" were. It is
not easy for most to give up almost everything and embark to a country he
knew nothing of and a cause which is usually referred to as a "forlorn" hope.

Just my 0.02.


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