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Re: Two days at ARE Congress

Jun 26, 1998 12:36 PM
by K Paul Johnson

According to J.S.:
> I have attended many Congresses and can say it is not unusual for many
> people to come with a confrontational attitude. I think this is because
> they care so much and really "own" the organization.

Yes, and there are many ways to perceive ARE-- or any
organization-- as having gone off track, if you feel you know
what the right track is.  Gail's comments were the most sensible
in essence IMO, about commercialism and lack of real research, but her
delivery was *way* too aggressive.  Plus, this really seems to be
being redressed by the board and execs with the new institutes in
the 2020 plan.  The other complaints were about
such things as the way the cross in the logo has changed, the
rarity of seeing teenaged children of execs at such meetings, too
much intellectualism, etc.

 Everyone thinks they
> know what the readings say (even though there is sometimes little agreement
> on what that is!) and they have a custodial feeling about protecting the
> purpose and direction of the A.R.E.

And this is their one chance to voice that feeling where it
counts.  Apparently there's a strong undercurrent of feeling that
ARE has become too weak in its commitment to Christianity.  I
don't agree but can see where they're coming from.  OTOH I'm one
of the members who wouldn't be one if ARE were *more* exclusively
Christian in focus.
> Kirk Nelson (as an aside opinion) can be rather abrasive at times but I
> chalk it up to his hypoglycemia. ( I know when my sugar level gets down I
> get crabby).

Well, I figure something more substantive was behind his remarks.
My galleys should be floating around there somewhere.  In the
book I praise ARE very highly for *not* being cultlike about the
1998 prophecies.  But that sort of implies a negative view of his
own work, although it's not mentioned.  (Would have been if I
knew ARE was publishing his book but it came out after mine was
completed.)  Anyhow, if he got wind of my attitude about the
whole business, which is basically to cheer on the generally low-key
approach that Charles Thomas Cayce and Mark Thurston take to the
1998 issues, this could make me seem antagonistic to his own
POV.  Interestingly, Kirk and I are astrological cousins, born
the same week or so, and September is a big month for both of us.

> All-in-all, it sounds like you had a good experience.  --Judith

Better than good-- very encouraging and inspiring.  The signs
all over said "Welcome home" and the atmosphere really conveyed
that message.


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