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Book tour?

Jun 26, 1998 12:07 PM
by K Paul Johnson

First I'll answer Clare's question: it's the Association for
Research and Enlightenment.  And yes, your comment about training
being behind the way the leaders handled themselves seems right
on to me; hard to imagine anyone just naturally taking such flak
and not acting annoyed and threatened.  Thanks for the info on
sources of such training/ideas.

Bart, I'm not sure how distribution is handled.  SUNY and several
other NY academic publishers share a distributor, CUP Services,
in Ithaca.  But whether that precludes other distributors, I
don't know.  Do know, however, that the SUNY Sales Director has
direct contact with the chains and knows which titles will be
picked up by them.

I sure won't be doing any tour-- SUNY doesn't arrange for any such
thing and I'm not up for financing and planning it myself.  But I
did get an indefinite invitation from a northern NJ ARE guy to
speak about the Masters to them later this year.  I said to him
that it would be fair play for me to speak about HPB to the ARE
folks and then speak to the TSA lodge about Cayce!  So when do
you have your fall program in place, i.e. what's my deadline for
contacting you?  (BTW have decided to retain TSA membership
despite resigning from the ACT panel.)

BTW SUNY *will* ship books for an appearance, let the sponsoring
organization get them at big discount, and return unsold copies.
I think the Oakland lodge made back the $100 they paid me for
half my plane ticket that way, when I spoke in '95.

Thanks for asking.


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