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ARE Congress KPJ

Jun 26, 1998 08:43 AM
by Clare Povers

For Paul and Fellows on the List  Theos World
Dear Paul,
Thank you for your interesting and detailed posted report 25th June,
 of your attendance to ARE ( standing for ???)

The conduct of those answering queries etc. would seem to bear out
their possible training ; how to respond without deflating, how to
inform without condesending..etc. without the training showing..
REGARD and respect for the human dignity on all levels and for ALL.
.One often hears the phases that are supposed to smooth the procedures
but which have becomed hackneyed, a  test out of  one's tolerance.
 You certainly convey that "they"had  bridged the gap between "them"
and "us" So often there is the table in between acting as a barrier
not a bridge of welcome and peace.
So it was good to be there so we have benefited too!.Glad to hear
that it IS possible for a large group to come together and enjoy the
experience. Sad to know of so much terrible conflict elsewhere. -
 Certainly Theosophical gatherings could and
sometimes DO convey   a smiliar athmosphere but comparisons may
indicate just a lack of awareness training,
The  practice and growth will come, especially if such training is
 really active" in-training" that gives live energy to the first object for theosophists
. along side meditation and or relaxation...if acceptable to the
individual concerned.
.(maybe such as Dr. Patricia Carrington - has evolved.  CSM
Clinically Standardized religious demands but
acceptable if that is your way)
She has over the years experimented and practised. Her writing cover
the subject very well useful for the Westerner and up to date. She
has researched since early 1970's and instructs medical students in
how to relate to patients in a manner that honors their dignity as
human beings.    But certainly the intentions are  not confined to the medical field.
If interested info.can be found at Pace Educational Systems Inc.,
 61 Kingesley Rd, Kendall Park, NJ 08824.
 toll-free phone #1-800-297-9897 Fax #:732-297-0778
 She started to be interesed  when teaching at
Princeton University..
 Relaxation and all techniques are covered in her investigation.
 Excellent conclusions and well written. A useful read for those who
are already meditating as areas are explored that may be new to them,
as well as for the shy, or first comers.
There is a web site in the uk  www.
 I had to hunt around Yahoo and Alt.Vis. to make contact.
Her next book will be probably "The Power of Letting Go"
She certainly has combined science and the poetic.
She works in New  Jersey. her first book was "Freedom in Meditation."
Also"Releasing" 1984 and  a "The Book of Meditation" 1998  which is
based on Freedom in Meditation" but more extensive.
I have downloaded some Cayce material and find it of interest.
The definite date in September in noted....we shall see....keep
Namaste   Clare

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