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Re: Theosophy=HPB?

Jun 25, 1998 03:16 PM
by Jerry Schueler

> The study of theosophy (and lets forget the capital T vs lower t)the
> way  I understood from HPB, is not only to study all belief, all
> religions, all mythologies, all sciences, all arts, and so on, but to do
> in a 'special' way which is what I call theosophy. That system of
> investigating into the above mentioned, to extract Nature's Laws, to
> prove them in ones life, to compare them with other ways of expressing
> them, and so on, is what Theosophy is all about. ...

Martin, I agree with you here, but the problem that I have encountered
is in "to prove them in one's life" or rather in one's experiences.
What happens if your personal experience doesn't "fit" with one of
HPB's teachings? Well, you have to ask yourself if HPB is wrong, or
if maybe you are going crazy. Or, you can just ascribe her teaching
to the exoteric, and try to convince yourself that your expriences
are esoteric, and that no real discontinuity exists. I submit that
sooner or later this will happen to all of us.

Jerry S.

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