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Re: Theosophy=HPB?

Jun 19, 1998 08:15 AM
by Martin Leiderman

Deal Paul,

I agree with with you. But there is something that we differ, and has to
do in  the way you word it, but again,and I am not able to express it.
But I'll do my best.
The study of theosophy (and lets forget the capital T vs lower t)the
way  I understood from HPB, is not only to study all belief, all
religions, all mythologies, all sciences, all arts, and so on, but to do
in a 'special' way which is what I call theosophy. That system of
investigating into the above mentioned, to extract Nature's Laws, to
prove them in ones life, to compare them with other ways of expressing
them, and so on, is what Theosophy is all about. It is an old system, or
method, well seen by the Dialectic of Plato, and by the Neoplatonists
like Plotinus, Porphiry, etc. It was not invented by HPB but she,
certainly is a great expression of it. And as I study HPB, I become that
way of looking, living, embodying the theosophical 'way.'
If you see my list of lectures, very little is about HPB, per se. I talk
about Quetzalcoatl, Osiris, Buddha, the Bible, Sacred Places, Alchemy,
Kabbala, Comparative Symbols, etc. But I always refer to the
theosophical system 'as taught by HPB' and that is what I meant to say
in my last email. I expect to study 'that' which makes me a
And in my opinion just because I almost know the Egyptian Book of the
Dead by heart and I study that Book, does not make me a theosophist but
a scholar in the that book. Theosophist is the one able to extract,
investigate, assimilate, and live according to the Divine-Wisdom found
in that book and in anywhere.
Again, dear Paul I am not sure if I am able to communicate the
disconfort with the way you worded your statement, I just do not see it.
And I live theosophically, and committed to the TSA and a member and as
a national lecturer. I already closed down in early 80's, in Los Angeles
the New Acropolis when I saw the 'fascist' 'cultist'
'non-theosophically' turn it took, so I always on the guard. I do see
people like me with human problems, trying the best, making mistakes,
not able to communicate properly with all levels; but they are no
different from any normal organization or corporation.

Another point, about leaders of the TSA: I have spent several weekends
with John Algeo at krotona, the topcis, were: Sacred Geometry, Walking
the Laberynth one about symbols in children fables, and tales (don't
remember the actual title), and  one about the Letter of HPB to American
Convensions.  Do you see in those titles an HPB fanatic, dogmatic? I
don't.  I just miised Tony Lyssy's seminar about Neoplatonism and
Theosophy, and one of Nathan Greer on Chaos. I do not see what you are
saying. Sorry.

And by the way, I did enjoy you book about the Master I bought from you
directly few years ago. For one thing, It gave a good historical
backgroud of the time of HPB. I was able to be trasported to last
century and re-live the politics, the feeling of that century. Thank you
for the research. I disagree with the conclusion, but that I would like
to share with you, not from the historical point of view because I have
not done not even 10% of the research you've done but from the 'logic
applied' tying the pieces together. You know what I mean?

Your brother,


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