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Jun 19, 1998 06:17 AM
by K Paul Johnson

Dear Martin,

Wish I could copy your passages to comment on, but since I get
thigest that would require deleting 500+ lines to get to the ones
I want.  So, summarizing, you say that there's no good reason for
me to be perplexed by the fact that the embers of Theosophical
organizations are far less focused on a belief system centered on
HPB than the organizations themselves are.  You add that you come
to the TS to study Theosophy etc...

The problem is that your response assumes that the Theosophical
movement's sole purpose is to study "Theosophy" i.e. "a belief
systemcentered on HPB," rather than "theosophy" i.e. the eternal
gnosis present in myriad forms.  The TS is in fact explicitly
*not* an organization devoted to a single belief sstem or author.

But its leaders have forgotten that, although the members have
not-- most of them, that is.


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