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no messages in digest #238

Jun 22, 1998 07:23 AM
by Eldon B Tucker


>Anybody else get a #238 with no messages in it??

It's a minor inconvenience ... The digest goes out whenever
enough messages have been accumulated, when it reaches a
certain size. The digest is also generated at 9 AM, to insure
that it goes out at least once a day. The problem is that the
9 AM daily digest (a "mkdigest" command to "majordomo" run by
"cron" daily) is not smart enough to check to see if there are
any mail messages waiting to go out and not run if there
aren't any. I was told it'd cost me $37.50 for 1/2 hours of
consulting time for the fix to be done by the
support staff, but haven't considered the problem important
enough to spend the money (my money -- I'm not receiving any
donations or funding from other people or organizations).
I have worked a lot with Unix and could probably fix the
problem myself, but don't want to bother the
staff with too many questions and requests, since I want to
save any favors I need to ask of them for really important

-- Eldon Tucker

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