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Re: = IDEAS and their effect.

Jun 22, 1998 07:23 AM
by Dallas TenBroeck

June 22nd            Re:  Ideas 'universal' or otherwise

Dear Alan:

I think that there are many ideas that become limited by their
association with what we think of as "personal benefit."  And
which are selfish because the "will force" (motive ?) that we
endow them with is limited to some selfish matter that we think
relates to ourselves alone.  That, of course is a limited view.

On the other hand there are those ideas which are generous and
tolerant, which embrace humanity and are brotherly, from the
'heart' and are on the whole constructive, compassionate and of
general benefit.  The idea of "service, assistance, cooperation,
...." is what I mean.

The first result in karmic effects that return to us soon (they
are focused on ourselves as we are now) and . as I understand it,
they create many of our "troubles and woes."

The second add to the power of nature in general in its sweep
towards general improvement.  So I called them "universal."  And
to that I might have added the designation impersonal -- and yet,
even those have some personal limitations, as our view at present
of the Universe is quite limited.  But, that can be changed as we
widen and deepen our vision.

Could you not say that the difference (as I intended) was to mark
the difference between the "doctrine of the 'eye,' " and the
"doctrine of the 'heart ?' "

It is also quite true that any thought will affect in howsoever
small a way the whole of the universe -- just as a pebble dropped
in Malibu Pacific coastal waters will eventually have its effect
on the Cornish Atlantic coast - or your and my exchange over
I-net will affect all those who read it.  I would add that it is
not a matter of strength or of time, but that our living is
constantly universalizing our attitudes.

By that I mean that we often act impulsively, by habit or
customarily, and fail to truly appreciate (at the time) the
impact our thoughts, feelings and words may have on others, known
or unknown at present to us.

It is like the knowledge that we have acquired so far this life
compared to the wisdom that our Inner Self has, and which relates
to the experience it has acquired over aeons of time in many
previous incarnations.  Or, in another way, it is like an
intelligent "atom" floating in its environment in the
immeasurable ocean of Life, becoming aware that it, being a part
of the Whole, is affected by and will affect all the rest of its
brother atoms.  It can, broadly speaking, be careless of such
effect, or can turn itself into a very careful and attentive
creator of useful mental and emotional forces.

To secure a knowledge of that Wisdom should, I think, be our
endeavor.  (Assuming that we are those "thinking atoms.)  At
least, that is how I understand the thrust of Theosophy it in its
philosophical view.

The important thing to me is that it suggests to the embodied
brain-mind that it has, as a close (live-in) associate, an
"Immortal,"  which, NEVER DIES.  (the "Higher Self.")

And, while we may find it difficult to agree to this "IDEA." yet
the impact of the reading of it, or the thinking on it, will
reverberate for quite a while.  It may even become the source for
an active quest:  "Am I, or am I not, an Immortal ?"

Best wishes as always,        Dal

> Date: Sunday, June 21, 1998 2:57 PM
> From: "Dr A M Bain" <>
> Subject: Dates

>W. Dallas TenBroeck <> writes
>>What I mean that ideas as ideas have no time limit -- they
>>are, or become universal.  I had in mind "universal" ideas.
>What's the difference between "universal" ideas and any other
>Brought to you from
> West Cornwall, UK


    "By 'tre,' 'pol,' and 'pen' ye may know Cornish men ...."
                                           -- Trevanion Pendennis

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