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On education

Jun 21, 1998 02:52 PM
by Kym Smith

Annette wrote:

>Now the public education system is going through
>massive downsizing which will hopefully spawn a private system that is
>affordable and all inclusive, that will in turn influence the public

Dallas responded on the same subject:

>Had I a child to bring up under such circumstances I
>would use my own home (as you must  be doing) as a school= room
>filling it with those items of the curriculum that give a well
>rounded perspective to a developing child.  I take the view that
>children desire to be given a direction and a friendly
>supervisionary overlook.  There is enough of bad problems in the
>schools today that I (and perhaps you) did not have to contend
>with.  I know of several families where this has been
>successfully practiced.

I don't know about other countries, but in America there is a great danger -
and I use the term 'danger' (public dictionary definition) purposely - in
the growth of "private" schools.  Most private schools here are run by those
with a specific RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE.  Children are taught reading, writing,
and arithmetic - but they are also indoctrinated with religious propaganda.
Maybe that doesn't frighten some - but it certainly does me.

Also, the terms "private" and "all-inclusive" seem a contradiction in terms.
Public schools play no favorites, all are welcome.  Private schools pick and
choose their students, take money away from the public schools, and they
crank out just those type people HPB raved against.  Sure, kids learn
academics in private school better due to less "distractions" - but they
risk learning to accept way too easily authority and prejudice.

Home-schooling, at least here in my state, is done mostly by religious
fundamentalists.  They don't like the "liberal" or "tolerant" viewpoints of
the public schools.  They claim they want to keep their children away from
"bad influences."  I understand - but that fosters, again, the "us vs. them"
attitude.  Children, I believe, need to learn about all types of people and
all types of beliefs and how to cope with different situations.  Growing up
with only people who agree with you or who want you to learn narrowed ideas
is hardly balanced.

The public schools need more money - not less.  The public schools need more
parental participation and guidance - not less.  The public schools need
more students who are acquainted with "theosophical ideas" (learned from
home and brought to school so they can aid other students) - not less.

MAJOR POINT:  We have no right to demand that the schools teach
"Theosophical ideas" - just like Christians have no right to demand schools
teach "Christian ideas."

Sadly, it appears, in America, that the more affluent will benefit from the
growth of "private" schools and the less affluent will be subject to even
less now in the public schools.


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