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Re: On education

Jun 22, 1998 06:33 PM
by Annette Rivington wrote:
> I don't know about other countries, but in America there is a great danger -
> and I use the term 'danger' (public dictionary definition) purposely - in
> the growth of "private" schools.  Most private schools here are run by those
> with a specific RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE.  Children are taught reading, writing,
> and arithmetic - but they are also indoctrinated with religious propaganda.
> Maybe that doesn't frighten some - but it certainly does me.
> Also, the terms "private" and "all-inclusive" seem a contradiction in terms.
> Public schools play no favorites, all are welcome.  Private schools pick and
> choose their students, take money away from the public schools, and they
> crank out just those type people HPB raved against.  Sure, kids learn
> academics in private school better due to less "distractions" - but they
> risk learning to accept way too easily authority and prejudice.

Hi Kym:
Every point you make is appreciated.  I guess my trouble is that when I
think of something being new or evolutionary I make the gross assumption
that it will be different from what humans have done before and what
they could see had failed.  I imagined all these unemployed former
public school teachers bringing the best of the public system which
dumped them into a private system which they created as entrepeneurs who
made sure they satisfied the market, including making it affordable to
the general populous.  This idea will drop dead of course if it is shown
that out of work teachers either prefer to or have no choice but to stay
home on severance or unemployment benefits rather than continue to teach
for less income than severance/unemployment (as currently they would not
be able to receive both payments).

And I just must add that although public schools are open to all,
whether all are welcomed in reality and whether no favourites are played
truthfully is a matter of perception.

The threat of private schools taking money away from the public ones may
appear unsavoury, but, if I was faced with the choice of sending a child
of mine to a public school in which s/he may get shot to death or at
least fails to learn because of living in fear of other students, and a
safe non-chaotic alternative, I'm pretty sure which I'd choose and I'd
bust my ass to earn the money to pay for it, which is what I see all the
Execs and many of the "workers" in my company doing.

I've always felt that *subject matter beyond elementary* is pretty
arbitrary.  The key educational factor for lifetime usefulness seems to
be *learning how to learn and think*.  Hence I envision the new system
having the fundamentals of "life skills, memorization, problem solving,
using intuition, research skills, communication and transference." OOps,
this is not new!  Theorectically I perceive that one could be educated
in this manner in one "subject" and be set for life.  Religious
propaganda, authoritarianism and prejudice are and would be part of the
curriculum, and what better way to eradicate them in the long term than
by insisting that a young learner follow them to the letter?
Admittedly I'm discarding all my teacher training and going with this
based purely on what I have observed in people, especially myself and my
children.....try to shove it down our throats and expect us to follow
like "sheep" and we'll passively aggressively do the opposite of what
you desire!!!!

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