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Re: Militants in the movement?

Jun 21, 1998 04:14 AM
by Govert Schuller

>Dear Govert,
>Sorry about the slang - I should have known better; sometimes we
>think the whole world is nothing but America.

Know what you mean. Many also think that history started at 1492
or even 1776.

>Regarding the expression "packing heat" - it means having a
weapon or
>weapons on a person or premises (if I'm carrying a gun, I could
say that I
>am "packing heat").  I made the comment in regards to a report
by the
>Southern Poverty Law Center - an well-known (in America) and
>(by me) organization that monitors extremist and/or hate groups.

Thank you for explaining. C.U.T. is as 'extremist' as the TS is
'cultish.'  You have a copy of the report?

>The organization reported that The Church Universal and
Triumphant, headed
>by Elizabeth Prophet, was required by court decree (1994) to
>stockpiling weapons.  Her husband was convicted, in 1989, of
>buying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of handguns and
>weapons - complete with ammunition.

The only illegal part of the transaction was that he used an
assumed name to hide the purchase, not from the government, but
from extremist rightwingers in Montana, who have made it known to
the organization that when push comes to shove in a situation
where precautionary survivalist plans have to be implemented,
that they would come after the food and other suplies of the
organization. The hostility of some inhabitants of Montana
towards C.U.T. was made evident with some drive-by shootings and
the burning of a cross on Church property. The purchase of the
weapons was only for defensive purposes in case of the
disintegration of civil authority and the hiding of the purchase
was to prevent it being known in the Montana circles of
survivalists militia. Better they had done the purchase in the
open so these groups would know what they might be up against.
The removal of the weapons was a part of a deal with the IRS. It
was a condition to keep tax-exempt status. This did not mean the
abolition of second amendment rights of individual members.

As you might gather, I am supportive of most of the aims and
policies of C.U.T. and am a member of one of its
sub-organizations, the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. I do not
object against their plans for survival. This Kali Yuga is a
nasty time with a lot of unbalanced leaders of countries with a
nuclear capacity. After we could hear that Russian nuclear
weapons were not aimed at American children anymore--though that
could be changed in the course of minutes--we now hear that China
can reach the USA with its arsenal. Are you prepared to bring the
theosophical message to the masses after the radio-active dust
has settled? This organization has the commitment and practical
means to do so, but hopes that peace will prevail.

My own reading of history tells me that the Masters are realists
and will sometimes sponsor organizations and persons, which use
some military means for defensive purposes. Personally I believe
the Templars to have been used by the Masters to hide inside its
organization certain esoteric teachings and practices. I also
think They were indirectly involved, through Masonry, in the
American Revolution and in the movement for India's independence.

>I am unaware of what has happened since then - except that
>reportedly has left Montana - destination unknown.  I've not
visited the Web
>site you offered - there may be more info there on what has
occurred.  I
>shall check it out.

Mrs. Prophet is still in Montana and recently visited Chicago.
The organization is implementing a very interesting process of
structural change to bring it in harmony with the most advanced
and enlightened concepts in managerial science. Key words are:
re-enrgizing, restructuring, paradigm shift, continual change,
deep democracy, servant leadership and community building.


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