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Militants in the movement?

Jun 19, 1998 11:06 PM
by Kym Smith

Govert wrote:

>Thank you for having read the two books you mentioned. Especially
>'Climb the Highest Mountain' I consider a theosophical classic, though
>many theosophists might disagree. The book was written by Mark and
>Elizabeth Clare Prophet and is a condensation of their understanding
>of the teachings of the Ascended Masters.
>The headquarters of the organization is in Montana. I do not know what
>you mean with 'packing heat.' I am from Holland and don't know yet
>that expression.

Dear Govert,

Sorry about the slang - I should have known better; sometimes we Americans
think the whole world is nothing but America.

Regarding the expression "packing heat" - it means having a weapon or
weapons on a person or premises (if I'm carrying a gun, I could say that I
am "packing heat").  I made the comment in regards to a report by the
Southern Poverty Law Center - an well-known (in America) and well-regarded
(by me) organization that monitors extremist and/or hate groups.

The organization reported that The Church Universal and Triumphant, headed
by Elizabeth Prophet, was required by court decree (1994) to stop
stockpiling weapons.  Her husband was convicted, in 1989, of illegally
buying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of handguns and semi-automatic
weapons - complete with ammunition.

I am unaware of what has happened since then - except that Elizabeth
reportedly has left Montana - destination unknown.  I've not visited the Web
site you offered - there may be more info there on what has occurred.  I
shall check it out.


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